Radio Sweden Weekly: 50 years after first UN meeting of its kind on the environment


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In June 1972, the UN came together in Stockholm to hold its first conference focusing on the environment. Now, 50 years later, the UN has convened an international, high level meeting in the Swedish capital to work towards a healthy planet.
We speak to Jan Mårtensson, who was the Secretary-General of the Swedish national committee for the preparation of the Stockholm Conference in 1972, about what he believes politicians should be doing. And we also speak to Yoko Lu, a member of the Stockholm+50 Youth Task Force, about her expectations.And with Swedish elections just 100 days away, we hear about two political events, Järvaveckan and Almedalen, aimed at bringing politics closer to voters, as the campaigns heat up, and we also learn about the changing demographics of first-time voters.We hear about the long queues at Arlanda airport.And finally, if you've ever wondered what your rights are when you're enjoying the great outdoors in Sweden, look no further, as we speak to an expert, Nils Hallberg of the Environmental Protection Agency, on the right of public access.Reporter: Ulla EngbergProducer: Brett Ascarelli

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