Radio Cyklopen #20: Space is the place


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Our 20th episode begins in space but centers around our planet. We hear about the resistance against large-scale mining in Chile and transitory actions of vacant land occupation in Teheran. Alliances of forests and people in Squamish territories and the protection of the commons in the post-war Balkans. Somehow, even in the most toxic of circumstances, the left finds a way. With self-determination, through self-organising and self-management. Matters of survival for communities, for nature, for the earth.

featuring: igor štiks, ignacio acosta, jacek smolicki + candace campo & wes nahanee, jenny richards & faith wilding, sepideh karami, the star-child, tuomas aleksander laitinen

thanks to: shahram khosravi

poster: tuomas aleksander laitinen

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