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Participating in this episode are Patrik, Martin and our guest David Mathisen. If you enjoy and want to support our work you can send a donation to SEB 5708 35 378 01
1)Intro, Wax on, wax off scene in Karate Kid
2)David Warner Mathisen has been exploring the connections between the ancient myths and the stars for over a decade and has authored nine books and dozens of videos documenting the system of celestial metaphor which forms the foundation for the myths, scriptures and sacred stories of cultures around the globe. His findings demonstrates the existence of an advanced esoteric system which was already fully mature by the time of the earliest extant texts known to conventional academia (including the texts from the oldest known civilizations such as ancient Mesopotamia, ancient Egypt, ancient India and ancient China), and which can also be found operating in the myths of cultures in Africa, Australia, the Americas, and the islands of the Pacific.
3)Outro, Age of Aquarius with the 5th dimension https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjxSCAalsBE
4)Links to this episode
David Mathisens homepage www.starmythworld.com
David Mathisens youtube channel
David does a demonstration of Simon Shacks Tychos model on his youtubechannel.
The vision of Ezekiel
Example of the granit stone cut by advanced technology in ancient times.

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