Mariam Orjonikidze: How women face conflict


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How are women treated when conflict erupts? In this episode of The Perspective Pod our hosts Jan and Natalie interviewed Mariam Orjonikidze, the First Secretary at the Embassy of Georgia in the Czech Republic . This interview was a part of our holiday's theme of "Women, Peace and Security" so keep an eye for more of the episodes in this series. Mariam has a Master's degree in Politics and War from the Swedish Defense University, and is from Georgia but grew up in Prague, so she has a unique multicultural perspective. In the interview she talked about the current migration of women from Ukraine to the Czech Republic and how women are treated when there is conflict. She also mentioned how war has affected Europe through a Georgian perspective. Produced by Elliott Gunnell Edited by Elliott Gunnell Hosted by Natalie DeSouza and Jan Volenec Music in today's show was: “Missed” by Ketsa available at: The Perspective Pod is a part of UPF Lund, The Association of Foreign Affairs in Lund. Discussing foreign affairs is what we do, so if you are interested in our association visit our website:

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