What Is The Specialty of Vrindavan? (Part 2)


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Raghunathdasa Goswami, he writes that ‘Krishna enjoys much more than even the greatest, most proficient scholars of Vedanta, who are chanting Vedic hymns, he enjoys more when the old Vrajavasi women chastise him.’ Why? Because it’s with such intimacy, they are not thinking of him as God. But the residence of Vrindavana they have already fully, totally, comprehensively realized God and the opulences of God. It's not that they lacked something, they have the maximum of realization of the powers and opulence of the Absolute truth. But because of their love, Krishna covers all that by a power that's infinitely greater than his own powers and this is his sweetness, his beauty, his charm, his playfulness and therefore, they just dance with Krishna, they play with Krishna. Mother Yasoda is thinking if I don't feed Krishna, he will die; Nanda Maharaja is thinking, if I don't teach him a good lesson, then he'll grow up wrong. Nanada and Yashoda, if I don't hold his finger when he's a little baby, he will never learn how to walk properly. And the Gopis, they are just remembering his sweet words, his sweet glances to dance with him. You can’t dance with the Absolute truth, you only bow down, but the gopis danced. Because they see him as Shyam Sunder, Gopinath, Gopijanvallabh.

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