What Is The Specialty of Vrindavan? (Part 1)


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The cowherd boys, they don't see Krishna as god. They see Krishna as Krishna and they just love him because he is Krishna. It describes in Srimad-Bhagavatam that Krishna sees peacocks, they are singing, they are dancing and one of the boys imitates a peacock, just to make Krishna happy and he starts dancing and moving and making sounds like a peacock. And then all the cowherd boys tells Krishna, they tell him “Krishna, you become peacock, you dance like peacock.” So just for their pleasure, he starts dancing like a peacock. And everybody is gathered around him clapping and clapping and even the peacocks come and they come around him and they start dancing for him and he is dancing for them and they give him their feathers as a gesture of love, they give Krishna peacock feather. And Krishna is so overwhelmed “oh! The peacocks like me so much, they gave me a peacock feather.” He puts it in his hair and puts it on top of his head as his crown. For him, the love of a peacock in the form of an offering of a feather is limitlessly more valuable than gold or diamond or emerald or ruby or any other type of precious crown. Demigods wear beautiful crowns, Vishnu wears beautiful crowns, Krishna just wears a feather of a bird because it's offered with pure love. The simplicity of the love of Vrindavana,

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