The Importance of Purushottama Adhika Masa


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In Vrindavan, there are many temples and they, their tradition is all the festivals of the whole year can be celebrated during Purshottam month and its non-different than that day. So, in one temple they just choose any day of Purshottam masa and say we are going to celebrate Janmasahtami again and its considered to be the day of Janmasahtami, the tithi and everything its right there. And another day Radhaashtami and another day Govardhan pooja and another day Holi and another day Gaur Purnima, another day Ram-Navmi, another day Nityanand Trayodashi, they just have festivals every day and is considered to be that day. That's the way many temples do because this month is so special to access and connect again to Krishna. So, let us take advantage and focus and increase our sadhana and increase our awareness and increase our humility and most of all increase our service attitude, our enthusiasm to please Krishna and in this spirit to chant the holy names from our hearts. Srila Prabhupada Ki Jai

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