How To Rebuild The Faith That Has Lost Because Of The Hypocrisy Of Religion?


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The eternal soul is a part of the supreme soul or God. And to know oneself is the beginning of the great journey of the Bhagavat Gita and this is a universal truth. In the bible, Lord Jesus, he said “what profit if a person, if they gain the whole world but they forget, they lose their own eternal soul?” This is a universal principle to understand who I am? And how we are all part of the one Supreme Godhead? And the origin of everything ‘aham sarvasya prabhavo matah savram pravartate’ is the supreme father and mother and friend of everyone. And this to reconnect with our own souls, to harmonise ourselves with God’s will, to harmonise ourselves with our understanding of how we are all brothers and sisters, all species of life and to harmonise our understanding in life that the whole creation is sacred because it’s coming from the same supreme source. This is Dharma. This is true religion. And when we become so focused and obsessed in a particular language that in which it is spoken or a particular geographical location in which it is spoken or a particular race of people that were connected to, then we miss the point that the essence, in bible it says ‘Love God with all your heart, all your might and all your soul and to love your neighbour as your self and everyone is our neighbour’ and in the Srimad Bhagavatam ‘savai pumsam parodharma yadha bhakti adhokshaja ahaituki apratihata yayatam suprasidati, it tells that same message in such a deep way, that “the true dharma is to awaken the love we have for God and that love when it is unconditional and unmotivated by selfishness or egoism, then it expresses itself as compassion to all beings.” And somehow or other because people are fighting over superficial things, so many people are losing their faith in religion, they are losing their faith in dharma, and there are so many alternative forms of technology and science and entertainment that people are turned to find answers of it.

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