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"I hate being recorded," Mala says nine minutes into this interview. "I don't like my sets being recorded, I don't like being video recorded." The Deep Medi boss and DMZ cofounder is describing his fiercely independent nature to journalist Kieran Yates, explaining how bright lights and prompts leads to self-consciousness. That's why DMZ parties are held in dark rooms, as to encourage freedom, he continues. Authenticity is a defining theme of Mala's career. Speaking to Yates live at SOUP in Manchester as part of RA's 21st birthday celebrations, the Croyden-raised artist discusses how signing a record deal with EMI at the age of 20 led to misrepresentation. This early exposure to the industry's commercial backbone paved the way for DMZ's democratic, inclusive ethos, he tells Yates. "If I create something that's true to myself, and I can live an authentic existence, somehow by us all being ourselves, I think that makes the world better." For more on the dubstep pioneer's approach to sound design and growing a community, listen to the chat in full.

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