EX.634 Reflections: Sacred Spaces


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New York's dance music culture evolves every weekend. A constant wave of new collectives, promoters and artists, combined with a host of legacy names and an ever-growing batch of enthusiastic ravers, infuse the city with a vivacious energy that's hard to find elsewhere. This episode of Reflections, a series that digs deep into RA content, pays tribute to New York nightlife through three heartfelt anecdotes that capture the vibrancy of past and present communities. Taken from RA's new limited-edition book Sacred Spaces, each message focuses on special party moments. Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy describes her quest to seek spirituality and communal transcendence through music, focusing on her experiences at David Mancuso's seminal The Loft party. Sharon White, a veteran name in New York's clubbing history, recounts the night of her unexpected debut at The Saint, an East Village spot that operated during the 1980s. The impromptu set went until 2 PM in the afternoon, leading the way for White to become one of the top grossing DJs on The Saint's roster. Finally, RA's editor-in-chief Whitney Wei describes coming of age at Palisades, an intimate Bushwick venue that lasted only two years but considerably shaped her club experiences. Sacred Spaces, available for £29.99 via the RA Store, features 26 tributes to the dance by the likes of Kevin Saunderson, Róisín Murphy, Eris Drew and Octo Octa, among others.

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