How do you professionally accept an apology?


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During this conversation we realized there are at least three different types of apology. The emotional apology - I'm sorry I hurt you. The end the problem apology - I'm sorry you feel that way. And the customer service script apology - I'm sorry this is happening (but there is nothing I can do about it).

Regardless of the type of apology, humans are pretty awkward about it. In many situations saying, "It's okay" is simply not true. But saying "Your apology is worthless" is also not the right answer.

With all that messiness in mind I asked Heather Markel, Simon Coles and Brian Bielawski (apologies for his audio - this is a "warning" apology - as in, I know it is bad. I can't fix it. But I think the content is valuable enough to post it anyway.) how they handle professional apologies.

The conversation was enlightening and too short.

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