QQC038 The Lint Roller (Cats)


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The podcast came back - but not the very next day.

After a claw-fully long break, QQC returns to purr over trivia and paw at cocktails on this cat-themed episode. Join Bradley, Sarah, Karl, and Lydia as we buy Nyan Cat NFTs, revisit the animated musical phenomenon that was MC Skat Cat, and ponder how the mega rich will survive in their underground bunkers when they've never lived in a basement apartment.

The Lint Roller

You’ll need 2 shots of rum - you can use a scratch of regular, flavoured or spiced rum, quarter cup of coconut water, quarter cup of pineapple juice, lime juice, a pinch of sugar and a hairball of coconut shavings. Stir rum, water, juice and sugar, and serve in a cocktail glass. Squeeze in lime and cough up a crap ton of coconut shavings.

Adapted from a Buzzfeed recipe


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