QQC025 Ripley's Splatter Shot (Alien Franchise)


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A terrifying tale of parasitic beasts from beyond, the original Alien film turns 40 this month. To celebrate the sci-fi classic we’re being wounded by Ripley’s Splatter Shot.

Listen as Bradley, Melanie, Mikey, and Sarah, who watched an completely unrelated movie in preparation, review the recent high school stage adaptation, talk the Simpsons’ visit to Ottawa, shop for government weed and learn Alien franchise trivia.

Ripley's Splatter Shot

*3 shots peach schnapps

*3 shots melon liqueur

*Drizzle of Bailey’s strawberries and cream

Combine schnapps and liqueur in a cocktail shaker over ice. Shake and fill green shot glasses nearly full. Splash of Bailey’s for that violent splatter. Makes 6-8 shells.


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