#259 Christoph Strasser: The worlds best Ultra-endurance cyclist


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This week the episode is in english. That is because we have the world's best Ultra-endurance cyclist Christoph Strasser with us. We talk about training, tactics, not sleeping, bikes and RAAM! This episode is not one to miss!!

Link to Strassers book:



01:50 Welcome Chrisoph Strasser

02:30 How did you start with ultra-endurance?

05:20 Do you do both supported and unsupported races?

08:20 What would be your best advice if you want to do a 24h event?

09:25 How has your training evolved during the years?

12:44 How many hours do you train?

14:40 Strengthtraining?

17:20 Let's talk about Race across america

42:45 What performance are you most proud about?

52:40 Bikes and material

54:50 Injuries and pain

58:02 New book

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Tommy Ivarsson, Fil.mag Biomedicin (M.Sc.)–Specialisering mot mänsklig prestation.tommy@umara.se

Simon Gustavsson, Fil.kand Biomedicin (B.Sc.)–Specialisering mot områdena kost och träning. simon@umara.se

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