#33 Hur gör du, Ally Cedeno?


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Nu blir det shownotes på engelska:

Early June, Lena went to NOR Shipping, which is a large fair in the maritime industry held every other year in Lillestrom, just outside Oslo. There she met a friend of hers, Ally Cedeno, Founder and Owner of Women Offshore, which is an online network for women in the offshore industry, and they sat down and had a chat about how Ally does her podcasts. The podcast can be found on the www.womenoffshore.org website and on all podcast platforms.

Since this meeting started out by Ally interviewing Lena for the Women Offshore Podcast, she recorded this interview as well. As you can hear in the interview, she uses a Blue Yeti microphone and she records straight into her Mac.

P-O has edited the files in Hindenburg:

Voice profiler (generic) Noise reduction exported in -14 LUFS

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