#28 A dangerous time – with Pomerantsev & Silverman


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Peter Pomerantsev, Craig Silverman and Patrik Oksanen. Photo: Claes Bertilson/Sveriges Radio

In this episode the podcast is joined by Peter Pomerantsev, the author to ”Nothing is true, everything is possible”, and Craig Silverman from Buzzfeed. It was recorded on July 6th on the island of Gotland during the political festival Almedalen week where Pomerantsev and Silverman were invited to a seminar.

The conversation in the podcast is about the media landscape of the today, and the effect of different sorts of false information and fake news. And is there a way to come back to a reality based discourse or not?

A Swedish summary of the conversation is published on the editorial pages of a couple of MittMedia titels, such as HelaHälsingland.

And the seminar, hosted by Swedish Radio (SR), that brought Craig Silverman and Peter Pomerantsev to Sweden could be listened to here.

This podcast is mainly in Swedish, but several episodes are in English and could be of interest for an international audience:

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#17 Finland´s Foreign Minister Timo Soini – ”We will defend ourselves like tigers and lions together”.

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