Action Movie History 1933 (Footlight Parade)


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Time to unleash the legs of Jimmy Cagney!

Pod Hard-cicerons Jonas Högberg & Anders Hultqvist watch their first musical in their ongoing quest through action film history and are utterly mesmerized by the insanity that is Footlight Parade.

Cagney plays a theater director who start making prologues, small live musical numbers set before movies in cinemas. Everybody involved in the productions are fast-talking on a Groucho Marx- or Katharine Hepburn-level and zingers, comebacks and sexual innuendos flood the screen in a matter of seconds!

The musical numbers, directed by theatre legend Busby Berkeley, is the epitome of old Hollywood with beautiful women swimming in elaborate patterns (like the mobile game Snake), suave guys and gals tap-dancing on bardisks and cute cats inspiring crazy ass ideas.

One thing's for sure: this is one pervy movie!

"Outside, countess. As long as they've got sidewalks YOU'VE got a job."

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