Action Movie History 1932 (Scarface)


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Once upon a time, in the early 30s, gangster movies were all the rage. Tommy guns, the Chicago skyline and prohibition speakeasies filled the big screen as hardboiled men treated the world as their own personal oyster.

In much the same vein Jonas Högberg & Anders Hultqvist share their opinions on Scarface, the perhaps most "dangerous" of the early gangster movies. Paul Muni excels as the titular hoodlum in a performance that combines the mannerisms of Cosmo Kramer from Seinfeld and the Italian American-schtick of Chico Marx.

Director Howard Hawks shows his dick, people are ducking bullets for real, a secretary pulls a gun on a telephone, The Penguin plays a police chief, cigars the size of logs are being chewed and people say things like "Say, what's the big idea".

Oh, and there's no music. No music! At all! Jonas & Anders are enthralled.

"I'm all hollow inside."

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