Action Movie History 1930 (Hell's Angels)


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Pod Hard bid The Roaring Twenties a fond farvel as we move into the 1930s. Jonas Högberg & Anders Hultqvist see their first sound film, the Howard Hughes-directed air battle-extravaganza that is Hell's Angels.

Sure, the story is a drag and the two male actors playing the leads give the adjective "wooden" a bad name but Jean Harlow virtually explodes on screen in her first starring role and the action, the action is flabbergastingly good!

We are treated to not only one, but TWO greatest-explosions-of-all-time, a zeppelin is shrouded in a ghostly vibe, the spectacular air battles are interlaced with funny reaction shots, a waiter does an excellent pratfall and faceplant some soup and the explosions explode.

Ladies and gentlemen - we have arrived at action cinema!

"I'm a shotgun you son of a bitch!"

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