Action Movie History 1926 (The General)


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Silent movies sure love their trains. So when Pod Hard reach the year 1926 Jonas Högberg & Anders Hultqvist come face to cowcatcher with the train movie to rule all train movies - Buster Keaton's The General.

The podcasting duo battle each other for the fanciest superlatives when describing this masterpiece, talk about how the curves of the railroad tracks sets up for one of the most impressive shots within a shot in movie history, discuss the gliding capacity of Buster Keaton and desperately tries to keep up as the money shots are ramping up in quick succession.

Also featuring in this jam packed episode: Harold Lloyd's For Heavens Sake, Douglas Fairbanks The Black Pirate, Tom Mix's The Great K & A Train Robbery, Larry Semon's Stop, Look and Listen and Daisuke Ito's Chokon.

"When I get through with that uptown dude, they can put a lily in his hand and close the lid!"

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