Action Movie History 1922 (The Three Must-Get-Theres)


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Disappointment cradles Jonas Högberg & Anders Hultqvist in this week's episode of Pod Hard. 1922 isn't a great year for action. Not even the loopy mad-man Douglas Fairbanks is able to save the day with his adaptation of Robin Hood. Some fancy fencing and drawbridge-climbing aside, it's a spectacularly boring movie.

Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd isn't up to par either. Apart from the beautiful finishing brawl in Lloyd's Grandma's Boy there's simply too much plodding plotting going on.

But wait! There is hope! And that hope is signed Max Linder, the French comedy superstar and his parody of Douglas Fairbanks The Three Musketeers - called The Three Must-Get-Theres! Which essentially is a madcap merry-go-round, Mel Brooks-style, only way better.

Linder's hero Dart In Again fights a horses hooves, catches a sword in his hands, dances up stairs, professes his love for a woman mid-fight, loses his breath almost a century before Old Boy made it cool, catches bad guys by the dozen with a lasso and rides in slow motion. This is what it's all about, folks!

"Exempt me sire. I am afeared of women!"

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