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Welcome back to Planet Storytime!
In this episode of the podcast, we're featuring the amazing music of Dave Halverson, composer for all of the Livelong music. Dave came onboard the podcast a few months ago and his work no Livelong is some of the best music you can hear anywhere, let alone a storytime podcast. We are so lucky to have Dave on our team and hope you enjoy this awesome 3-track medley Dave put together.
With summer coming to a close we will be returning to a more robust publication schedule in September. We truly hope everyone is staying safe and enjoying the company of friends and family and look forward to jumping into YEAR 3 of the show with all of you onboard!
Yes - in less than 2 weeks, we will cross Planet Storytime's 2nd anniversary as a podcast and we think we - kind of - know what we are doing as we look into the third year of the show. When we started out, we knew very little about what we were doing, but fairly quickly, we built an amazing, consistently loyal fanbase that seemed to enjoy our work, that has stuck with us from the beginning as many others have shown up along the way - we thank ALL of you for your support!
We have much more to share in the weeks ahead, including more Livelong, more of Mitchell's work, Beatru, Crow & Beetle, and more music from Dave Halverson and Pax Stanley!
Please send your comments, questions, love, hard dislike to and stay tuned to our website ( as we get ready to start our blog and increase interactivity with our fan base.
And hey - while you're there, why not subscribe? We'd be very happy if you did:)
Much love and respect to everyone,
The PSP Team
Mitchell, Dave, Thomas and Paxton
Until next time!

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