The Age of Khonshu


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Episode 23 - The Age of Khonshu

While we wait just 1 more day for the final episode of the TV Show, Dan and I dive into the Avengers and story that sets Khonshu and Moon Knight at odds with the Avengers. We’ll also take a look at an annual story that sends Moon Knight through time to recover some artifacts that will stop Kang the Conqueror. We will also talk about the passing of a comic book legend.


Moon Knight News

QR Code in Moon Knight returns in episode 5

The MCU isn’t built for a show like Moon Knight says Polygon

Moon Knight Director Explains Why Episode 5 Doesn't Show a Death [Spoiler Warning!]

Paper Comics

Legendary Comics Artist Neal Adams Dead at 80

Free Comic Book Day is this Saturday, May 7th!

Recommendation: Track down a copy of some old Neal Adams Batman. If you love Moench/Sienkiewicz Moon Knight stories, the O’Neil/Adams Batman’s of the early 70s will amaze you.

This Week's Stack

  • Avengers Volume 8 #33-37
  • Moon Knight Annual #1 (2019)

Stack Discussion

Avengers Volume 8 #33-37: The Age of Khonshu

Moon Knight Annual #1 (2019) - Acts of Evil

Next Week

  • Moon Knight Volume 9 #1-10 and Devil’s Reign: Moon Knight

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