Moon Knight in the 90s!


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Episode 07 Moon Knight in the 90s!

After the untimely end of Moon Knight vol 2 our hero took a few years off to hang out in California with the West Coast Avengers. We join up with him again in 1989 as he returns to New York and is rejoined by old friends (and old enemies) in Marc Spector: Moon Knight. Duane tries to keep up with all the new characters as Black Cat, Silver Sable, the Punisher and others cross paths with Moon Knight, and we talk about legacy villains, "The Trial of Marc Spector" and a spectacular new Empire magazine cover by Bill Sienkiewicz!

The Stack for this week includes:

Marc Spector: Moon Knight Vol. 1, Issues #1 - #21

Sadly, these comics are not currently available either on Marvel Unlimited or in collected print editions, with the exception of #8 and #9, which are on Marvel Unlimited as part of the Acts of Vengeance event.

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