Moon Knight Episode 2 - Summon the Suit!


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Moon Knight Episode 2 - Summon the Suit!

Welcome to a special edition of the Phases of the Moon Knight podcast. We have covered almost 300 Moon Knight comics since the start of the year, and have searched out and discussed dozens of spoilers, trailers, articles and rumors about the TV show. Now, we finally get to put it all together, and actually see what Marvel has in store for us as we take a look at the second episode of Moon Knight on Disney+.

This week we discuss, in no particular order: Acting, Marriage, Humor, Old Avatars, Mr. Knight, Impaling and Easter Eggs.

SPOILER WARNING: this episode is pretty much nothing but spoilers, so we recommend waiting to listen until you have watched Moon Knight episode two!

Topics and Timestamps

02:50 Oscar Isaac, Master Thespian

06:17 Humor in Moon Knight

10:36 Marc Spector is Married?

13:25 Mr. Knight

18:25 Arthur Harrow was Moon Knight?

22:53 Impaling His Enemies

24:35 Easter Eggs

27:44 Big Picture Reactions and Signoff

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