Moon Knight After Moench and Sienkiewicz


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Episode 05 Moon Knight After Moench and Sienkiewicz

This week we are going to dig into the final issues of Moon Knight Volume 1, which were published in 1983 and 1984. This week sees both Bill Sienkiewicz and Doug Moench move on from the title, after which a rotating cast of writers and artists bring Moon Knight’s first volume to a close.

Our hero faces off against bad cops, teen hoodlums, and a homicidal teenage ballerina, and then flies off into the sunset (temporarily) as volume one winds down. Along the way we talk about team-ups, EC Comics, and what it means when a comic you enjoy is cancelled.

The Stack for this week includes:

Moon Knight Vol. 1, Issues #27-38

These comics are available online through Marvel Unlimited as well as in collected print editions.

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