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Episode 27 - Haunted Houses & Bars with No Name

This week we are finishing up our look at Moon Knight volume 9, which premiered in summer of 2021 and is still ongoing. When we last saw our hero he had returned to the burned-out remains of his Midnight Mission, even as his therapist received an unexpected visit from Zodiac.


Moon Knight News

One final QR Code in Moon Knight episode 6How Oscar Isaac Plays Marc & Steven!

Moon Knight “Assembled” episode rescheduled to drop this week on May 25th

Paper Comics

Moon Knight #11 comes out this week

5 issue Damage Control includes Moon Knight

Recommendation: I just finished The Good Asian vol. 2 from Image.

  • https://imagecomics.com/comics/releases/the-good-asian-vol-2-tp

This Week's Stack

  • Moon Knight Volume 9 #7-10
  • Devil’s Reign: Moon Knight




Devil’s Reign: Moon Knight



Next Week

  • We are taking the memorial holiday (US) weekend off
  • Full comic book wrap up releases on June 7th

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We want to hear from you for our Moon Knight wrap up shows in a couple weeks. Please send your questions or comments about the comic book run and/or TV show via email or Twitter.


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