Giant-Sized Special! The (2nd) Death of Marc Spector!!


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Episode 09

Marc Spector: Moon Knight careens to a deadly finish this week, while Duane gets hit with the full force of 1990s comic craziness. Moon Knight spends four issues lost in space during the Infinity War event, has a fight to the death with his own car, and finds out that he and Jean-Paul (don't call him Frenchie!) are both descended from ancient families of demons and defenders.

Dan celebrates Terry Kavanagh's epic story plan, Duane is thrown off by Steven Platt's oh-so-90s art, and we talk a bit about what it meant to be "Bucky dead" in comics.

The Stack for this week includes:

Marc Spector: Moon Knight Vol. 1, Issues #41 - #60

Marc Spector: Moon Knight Special Edition #1

These comics are not currently available either on Marvel Unlimited or in collected print editions.

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