- Episode 9 Animal Planet’s "Groomer Has It" Is Now Casting For Season 2!


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Diane chats with Erinlee Adamson, casting producer for Animal Planet’s hit show, "Groomer Has It." Groomer Has It is seeking competitive dog stylists who have what it takes to win! Listen and find out how to enter! Animal Planet’s newest hit show GROOMER HAS IT is a competition based reality show challenging dog groomers from around the country to be the next GROOMER OF THE YEAR and to win $50,000 cash!!" They are looking for Dog Groomers with skills, personality, competitive spirit and tons of passion for what they do. Last year’s amazing cast helped introduce America to the world of dog grooming and now they are on season two and looking for 12 new groomers! New groomer or years of experience, mobile or salon... THEY WANT THE BEST!!
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