- Episode 24 Crusaders Against Cruelty: New York City's Animals Have The Law On Their Side


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The case of a kitten being put in a 500-degree oven and left to die in a Bronx, New York apartment last month left people throughout New York and the country outraged and asking one question: why would a pair of teenage girls do such a horrible thing under the guise of a 'prank'? For that matter, why do some people do cruel things to animals at all? This week, Pets In the City asks Officer Joe Pentangelo, assistant director of humane law enforcement at the ASPCA and frequent face on the popular Animal Planet show, Animal Precinct, this question and more. Officer Pentangelo, one of the first on the scene of the horrible crime involving Tiger LIlly the kitten and her teenage tormentors, gives us his personal insights and updates on the case, tips on how to spot signs of an animal in an abusive situation, and how to report it suspected cruelty to animals. He'll also tell us about the changing legal protections afforded to animals who are victims of cruelty and the penalties against those who do it.
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