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If you're looking for a new band whose sound isn't hard to swallow, then you have to check out "The Choke", guests on this episode of "City Pound" with hosts Victoria Wells and Diane West. The Choke, a self-described 'punk and roll' band with a soft spot for animals filters the influences of Motown, soul, and garage rock through the attack of anthemic punk. Since the band’s debut in May of 2005, the New York-based foursome has performed for large audiences throughout New York and London, toured with the UK’s legendary Buzzcocks, enjoyed regular rotation and performed a live set on WFMU 91.1 FM (NYC/NJ). And their stage show--with hula-hoop dancers and other side-show entertainers, is something to see.
The animal-loving rockers also lend their talents to raise money and awareness for animal welfare efforts in New York City. Several years ago, the band performed at a special, sold-out NYC Animal Rescue Benefit by opening for Beastie Boys in an event that raised thousands of dollars for several animal rescue groups based in and around New York City. Come talk shop and rock with lead singer Cameron Eve, guitarist "Hott Deth", bassist Josh Machlin and drummer Jonny Napalm and hear their thoughts on music, life, and the future of all three.
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