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People love pets. And, although not all of them admit it, people love reality television. So it was inevitable there would be a convergence of the two, and now animals big and small are common ‘characters’ on reality TV. But are some of these animals unwittingly getting pulled into the ‘drama’ that drives reality shows, and are they getting hurt or even abused as a result? American Humane, the 131 year-old animal group best known for giving movie and television shows the coveted "No Animals Were Harmed" seal of approval, says more and more animals are being harmed on reality shows, whether by the inappropriate use of devices to distort their faces or being eaten alive for the shock of it. Listen in on our exclusive one-on-one interview with Karen Rosa, director of American Humane’s Film and TV Unit, as she describes the dangerous ‘gray areas’ reality TV is treading into in terms of the safety of animals on these shows and the what her organization is planning to do about it in the coming year.
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