- Episode 13 Beth Bites Back! -- Behind the Scenes Of a Dog ‘Reality’ Show & Is The Economy Forcing You To Cut Back on Your Pets’ Care?


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‘Greatest American Dog’, a ten-week reality series which showed dogs and their people competing for a $250,000 prize on CBS this summer, captivated pet lovers who wanted to see which dog/person team would ultimately demonstrate the strongest bond between each dog and his or her person. But relationships between the human contestants were another story. Strained, tense and angry confrontations were common in front of the camera and, according to one of the shows more controversial contestants, things were even worse than what they seemed. Whether you were a fan or foe of Beth Joy Knutsen (and her Bella Starlet Dog), listen in as she speaks candidly about what she saw behind-the-scenes, from bitterness between contestants to the questionable safety of the dogs themselves. This is part one of a two-part segment examining Greatest American Dog and other pet-related ‘reality’ shows. Next week, we’ll talk directly with American Humane, the 68 year-old watchdog group for the treatment of animals in movies and television, and the new challenges reality television has brought with it. Then, Pets In the City once again turns its attention to the economy’s effect on our pets and the way we care for them. Some argue that New York City pets are among the most pampered in the world, but there are many more pet owners struggling to keep their canines in kibble and their cats in catnip. What products and services are worth cutting back on, and what’s worth the splurge? We’ll talk with Rachel Swan, head of Pawsitive Productions and creator of "The Enlightened Canine Expo" coming up this November, to get her insights and advice.
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