Pediheart Podcast #176: A Conversation With Pediatric Cardiology Pioneer Dr. Peter Lang


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This week we spend the entire episode speaking with Professor Peter Lang of Harvard University about his rich and long career in pediatric cardiology during one of the most exciting times of the field. Dr. Lang's story includes a virtual who's who of important cardiologists and cardiac surgeons for the past 50 years including Dr. Connie Hayes, Dr. Roberta Williams, Dr. Alexander Nadas, Dr. Richard Van Praagh, Dr. Aldo Castaneda, Dr. Bill Norwood and many, many more. This is a rare opportunity to hear about the development of the Norwood procedure from someone who was at the bedside of the first 30-50 ever performed as well as someone who helped develop the entire field of cardiac critical care. Prepare to be inspired by this towering figure this week.

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