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Det har magnetfiskats i Vedasjön. Vi har ett nytt grandvittne. Ett flertal nya uppgifter har framkommit om Christer A. Kronologi över Christers liv 1952-1980. Det råder oklarheter runt skottet i TV:n. Vad gjorde Palmem på TV 1980? Christer mönstrar för sin militärtjänstgöring. Hade GM ett hölster?

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Det här är en podd skapad av Dan Hörning. Avsnitten görs omväxlande av Dan och Tobias Henricsson och ibland av bägge.

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This must be the solution LYRICS


Day trader living on the edge

This trace is pounding like a sledge

How can you be both deaf and blind?

Sharp shooter all filled up with hate

He knew somehow this was his fate

This is a tape we should rewind

Cold winter, night time a black rendezvous

A vision so surreal but he knew what to do

Lived in the area, a crossroad in life

Ready to strike, in for kill, eager to save all


This must be the solution

But lunacy must be

What drives this institution

Of clowns known as cops

In the madhouse of fraud and lies

Gun lover, hater of the world

Luck chaser soon the life would turn

This walk late night just changed it all

Loser for many, Messiah for some

Heavy regret but the damage was done

Many years after, a wreck of a man

Ready to leave into the dark, eager to save all


Called in to test the gun

No, easier said than done

Go chase somebody else

Die in that wishing well

Crawl, wouldn’t do it for you

Pay though we’re already through

Save all your dreams for tonight

Rush to the heavenly light

Cause here you have nothing to find


I’m ready to leave now

And God knows what I’ve done

My life has been no good

It’s time to say

Goodbye to all the misery

Goodbye to this whole history

Farewell to shadows in the dark

I’ll end this with a shot

So long my brother time has come

So long, I head for Kingdom come

Farewell to sorrow and to pain

My time has come to sleep

So forgive me father, I have sinned


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