Empowering the Policyholder with Ditto Insurance


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On this episode of #PaisaVaisa, Anupam Gupta talks to Shrehith Karkera, co-founder of Ditto Insurance and Finshots. Shrehith talks about his journey from Finshots to developing and expanding Ditto Insurance. They discuss how Ditto Insurance has successfully filled in the gaps in the online insurance sector by making the insured more aware of their policies. They further discuss the intricacies of the insurance process, technical considerations during choosing an insurance policy, and the logistics of an insurance provider in this episode of Paisa Vaisa.

In FY21, India's expected insurance penetration was 4.2%, with life insurance accounting for 3.2% and non-life insurance accounting for 1%. According to the World Bank, India's insurance density in FY21 was 78 US dollars per capita. Over the first half of fiscal year 2022, the life insurance market rose by 5.8 percent, compared to a growth rate of 0.8% during the same time in the prior fiscal year.

You can know more about Ditto Insurance by visiting these links:

Instagram: (https://www.instagram.com/joinditto/)

Twitter: (https://twitter.com/joinditto)

You can find Shrehith Karkera on:

Twitter: (https://twitter.com/ShrehithK)

LinkedIn: (linkedin.com/in/shrehith-karkera-257b0911b)

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