E55: Connor McDavid gets his 100th point; Maple Leafs will face pressure in playoffs; Sunshine State showdown


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Kathryn Tappen, Patrick Sharp, and Dominic Moore discuss Connor McDavid getting to 100 points in a shortened season. They talk about the pressure the Maple Leafs will face this postseason. Plus, they pick who they think will win the Lightning – Panthers playoff series.

Start-7:00 Connor McDavid's remarkable season

7:00-10:40 The pressure on the Maple Leafs to win the Cup

10:40-15:15 Odds powered by PointsBet Sportsbook - Favorites to win the Stanley Cup

15:15-20:00 Can the Penguins make a Stanley Cup run?

20:00-21:50 Cold Brew Check Fueled by Dunkin' - who wins the Sunshine State showdown?

21:50-End Sharpie and Dom pick their sleeper teams in the postseason

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