E54: Golden Knights poised for deep run; Spencer Knight's strong start; Ryan Miller retires


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Kathryn Tappen, Anson Carter and Dominic Moore discuss if the Vegas Golden Knights are the favorites to win the Stanley Cup. They talk about their excitement for Spencer Knight after his strong start to his career. Plus, they reflect on Ryan Miller's career after his retirement announcement.

Start-6:10 Are the Vegas Golden Knights the Stanley Cup favorites?

6:10-10:40 Odds Powered by PointsBet Sportsbook: East Division team who has the best chance to win the Stanley Cup

10:40-14:35 Cole Caufield & Spencer Knight's strong starts to their careers

14:35-16:10 Cold Brew Check Fueled by Dunkin' - Who gets the 4th spot in the Central Division?

16:10-end Reflecting on Ryan Miller's career

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