PODCAST EP. 97: Mentoring Ten Hunters with PF Biologist Emily Spolyar


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Host Bob St. Pierre is joined by frequent podcast contributor Marissa Jensen for a conversation with Emily Spolyar. While Emily is a precision agriculture & conservation specialist with Pheasants Forever, the focus of this episode is on her social media pledge to introduce ten people to hunting during 2020. Episode Highlights: • The conversation gets started with Emily’s story of how a substitute teacher introduced her to bird hunting through the gift of an English setter puppy. • Emily talks about the catalyst for her Instagram and Twitter offer to introduce people she’s never met before to the uplands with her bird dogs. • This episode will make you bust out in laughter and tear up in joy as Emily recounts the experiences she’s had and the new friends she’s made over the last two years by mentoring people into the uplands she loves. • Take the Hunter Mentor Pledge at https://pheasantsforever.org/Hunting/Hunter-Mentor-Pledge.aspx with ALPS OutdoorZ

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