PODCAST EP. 95: For the Love of Quail


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Host Bob St. Pierre and Quail Forever Journal Editor Chad Love are joined by the organization’s Education & Outreach Program Manager Marissa Jensen for a conversation focused on the trio’s love of quail, upland hunting, covey rises, and the places quail live. Episode Highlights: • Marissa and Chad share their early season hunting adventures with young bird dogs in pursuit of prairie grouse in Nebraska’s Sandhills and sage grouse in Wyoming. • Chad talks about bird hunting only with women so far this season and how that resulted in a story about “independent female badass hunters” in the Winter edition of the Quail Forever Journal. • Responsible for the organization’s state-by-state quail hunting forecast, Chad gives his prospectus for the 2020 & 2021 quail hunting season ahead, and talks about the QF Journal stories he’s chasing this season.

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