PODCAST EP. 94: 11 Mistakes Pheasant Hunters Make


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Host Bob St. Pierre and Pheasants Forever Journal Editor Tom (Carp) Carpenter explore common mistakes pheasant hunters make and the remedies that will put more “roostery sags in your gamebag with long tailfeathers streaming out the side” this season. Episode Highlights: • Drawing on Carp’s feature in the Fall Issue, Bob St. Pierre and the author explore 11 mistakes, missteps, and misconceptions that can leave a pheasant hunter’s gamebag empty. • The duo breaks down early season, mid-season, and late season tactics. • The author brings the host around to some of the advantages of midday hunting. • Did you know that “toodling” and “scouring” are good pheasant hunting strategies? • Why pheasant hunting should be more like big game hunting than a casual hike. • Sometimes no plan (other than trust your dog) can be the best plan of all.

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