PODCAST EP. 93: Rooster Road Trip Day 5 Recap with the Traveling Crew


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Host Bob St. Pierre and Rooster Road Trip co-host Andrew Vavra are joined by Pheasants Forever Graphic Design Manager Logan Hinners and Video Production Specialist Aaron Black-Schmidt to break down the final day of the 2020 event. The crew also deliver their own highlights and lowlights of the adventure while providing a behind-the-scenes view of the process leading to the creation of the daily written, video, photo, and audio content. Episode Highlights: • Black-Schmidt talks about how his filming and editing process evolved through the course of the trip to deliver compelling videos recapping each day’s events. • Vavra and Hinners discuss how much they learned about habitat in the last week during hunts with Pheasants Forever biologists Megan Howell, Matt Christensen, Tanner Bruse, Becca Kludt, and Sabin Adams. • And Bob finds his shooting eye on the final walk. Follow along all this week at www.RoosterRoadTrip.org

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