PODCAST EP. 92: Rooster Road Trip Day 4 Recap with a Biologist and a Musician


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Host Bob St. Pierre and Rooster Road Trip co-host Andrew Vavra are joined by Pheasants Forever Habitat Restoration Specialist Becca Kludt and lead singer of Trampled by Turtles, Dave Simonett, to recap a beautiful day in west central Minnesota. The wide-ranging conversation covers everything from the impact of changing climate on upland birds to exploring birdy cover before a concert. Episode Highlights: • In addition to bagging the day’s first rooster, Kludt is a wealth of knowledge on public lands habitat restoration for pheasants, prairie chickens, and sharp-tailed grouse. • Simonett explains how bird hunting has deepened his connection with nature. He also shared an inspiringly fun story of transforming his rescued mixed breed pup, “Hrbek,” into a bird dog. • As is the Rooster Road Trip tradition, Andrew delivers today’s Instagram questions for an entertaining lighting round. Follow along all this week at www.RoosterRoadTrip.org

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