PODCAST EP. 91: Rooster Road Trip Day 3 Recap with PF Volunteer Jeff Davis


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Host Bob St. Pierre and Rooster Road Trip co-host Andrew Vavra are joined by Pheasants Forever biologist Tanner Bruse and PF chapter volunteer Jeff Davis to recap a very windy day afield. The crew spent the day primarily on federal Waterfowl Production Areas (WPAs) in southwest Minnesota’s “Buffalo Ridge” region where the wind on an average day is 17mph. Today’s sustained winds easily doubled that speed making for fast-flying and hard-to-hit roosters. Episode Highlights: • Davis, who works in the agriculture industry and volunteers as the chapter president in Lincoln County, estimates that more than 90% of the soybean crop has been harvested and likely 80% of the corn will be out by this Saturday for the second weekend of Minnesota’s pheasant hunting season. • Bruse and Davis talk about the connection between the farming and hunting cultures that exists across rural southwest Minnesota. • The crew also talks about the etiquette of going back to a public hunting spot that a friend has shared during a previous day’s hunt. • As is the Rooster Road Trip tradition, Andrew delivers today’s Instagram questions for a lighting round. Follow along all this week at www.RoosterRoadTrip.org

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