PODCAST EP. 101: Mearns’ Quail with Arizona Game & Fish Biologist Kirby Bristow


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With seemingly every bird hunting Instagrammer chasing Mearns’ quail to start 2021, host Bob St.Pierre dives deep into this fascinating bird with Arizona Game & Fish’s Quail Biologist Kirby Bristow. The guys talk about the biology, life cycle, and habitat needs of Mearns’ quail with hunting tips and tactics interwoven throughout the discussion. Episode Highlights: • The guys talk about how unique the landscape is where Mearns’ quail live in Arizona, New Mexico, a small portion of west Texas, and Mexico. In fact, Bristow tells a story of one hunter who said if he had been blindfolded and dropped into Mearns’ country that he’d think he was in Montana. • Bristow explains the Mearns’ “cryptic” feather pattern, their propensity to hold tighter than any other game bird, and how both characteristics serve the bird so well as camouflage against avian predators. • The guys also deliver a wide array of tips for planning your own Mearns’ quail adventure. Get involved with your local Quail Forever chapter. If you don’t see a chapter in your area, please contact one of our regional field representatives to learn how to start a chapter of Pheasants Forever or Quail Forever in your community.

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