Pub Crawl in Northern San Diego with Lee Chase


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In this episode we get a tease of what the San Diego beer scene has to offer. CC goes on a Pub Crawl in the Northern parts of San Diego together with the beer legend Lee Chase! Lee was one of the first brewers in Stone Brewing and now the co-owner of Blind Lady Ale House in San Diego, and brewer at Automatic Brewing, located in the Blind Lady’s back room. We get to know about his history, and how he was inspired by a handwritten cookbook to start brewing beer. We also get to hear about outside brewing, and learn what place you should go to if you have questions about home brewing. They also talk about some of the challenges with regulations in San Diego.

Places visited/talked about in the episode are Automatic Brewing, Blind Lady Ale House, Fall Brewing Company, Home Brewing Company, Tiger Tiger, Tornado and North Park Brewing Company.

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