Diplopodology (MILLIPEDES & CENTIPEDES) with Dr. Derek Hennen


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How many legs? Why so many legs? What's a millipede versus a centipede? And again WHY SO MANY LEGS. We have just the guy for that: Diplopodologist Dr. Derek Hennen. As a person who’s spent over a decade sorting through leaf litter and naming scores of new species, Derek is truly a champion for the multi-limbed little critters. If you liked what Casey Clapp brought to Dendrology, get ready to appreciate millipedes like you never thought you would. Also: mythology gossip, world records, Taylor Swift fandom, and sniffing bugs.

Dr. Derek Hennen’s website

Follow Dr. Derek Hennen on Instagram and Twitter and @dearmillipede

A donation was made to Lower Muskingum Conservancy

Millipedes of Ohio Field Guide PDF

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