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Pomodoro timers! Bullet journals! Apps, tips, tricks and philosophies. Also: the most mellow episode ever, recorded late at night in a guest room. Like a cozy duvet of wisdom, this one is full of life hacks for remaining productive & healthy during distracting times. I asked Ologites their best strategies for keeping their brains less burdened and organizing everything from schedules to leftovers to sock drawers.

In quick 5 chapters:
Your Hot Bod Needs This
Home is Where the Hard Is
Wrestling with Father Time
Tricking Your Brain to Trick Your Brain
Emo Stuff

Whether you’re neurotypical or not, this final follow up on the ADHD series is a catalogue of strategies to make future you happier. Also: some end-of-episode life updates from Dadward on why you’ve gotten re-runs for two weeks.

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