A Wee Dram #4: Adapting M365 For Value


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After Steve looked at Barriers to getting the information in #2 of the Wee Dram series and then was to create Impact in #3 in this episode, we look at Adapting your M365 adoption to maximise value. Business is in constant flow, and we take reference from 3 companies that innovated into different value streams. These examples, whilst mainstream, show that companies change and evolve. Ensuring that your M365 service can support that ensures value for both internal processes that support customer value. Nothing is ever finished in M365 as it changes and upgrades and enables new opportunities for value to be added constantly. So you need a plan! Planning to Evolve is discussed with some examples of user stories that show how to evolve your M365 in an environment of constant improvement. ... and then check out the finish with a quote from Gunny Highway (Clint Eastwood) quote from the Film Heartbreak Ridge!!

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