Off Menu: The Redemption Dinner Party – Second Helpings – Live-Streamed Show – On Sale Now


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Dream Restaurant Announcement!

Off Menu: The Redemption Dinner Party – Second Helpings

Sunday 11 April, 7.30pm (BST) – Live and Online

Still hungry? Ed Gamble and James Acaster re-open the dream restaurant and invite some of Off Menu’s most talked-about guests to The Redemption Dinner Party: Second Helpings. Will the previous podcast guests stick with their outlandish orders, or will they take a once-in-a-meal chance to change their minds?

Tickets are on sale now at or

*£1 from every ticket goes to FareShare, the UK’s longest running food redistribution charity.

The show will be available to watch again/rent for 48 hours after the live-stream.

This is a live-streamed show only, it will not be released as a podcast episode.

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